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Change of plan-hut night-international badge and camp planning
In light of the snow and cold weather today, and the significant forecast rain tomorrow, we’re revising the plans to have a hut based night rather than shelter building on Reigate Hill.

We’ll be working in our Sixes to plan a 2 day camp-and all the things we need to think about to have a fun time, and we will perhaps have time to consider some international badge activities for St Patrick’s day. We will still need parent help-although not quite as much-please confirm with me on arrival that we have enough help. We will start at 545pm and finish at the usual time of 715pm.

Please remember that we are collecting tinned food for Ukraine too-please bring donations in. Please consider if you are able to set up donations in your schools too so we can maximise the amount we are able to coordinate for the donation.