Scouts  Wednesday evening. 19:30 - 21:15

Scouts are run by Graham assisted by Robin and Sean and John

Uniform consists of Teal Green Long Sleeved Shirt, Navy Blue Activity Trousers, Group Scarf & Scout Woggle, Leather Scout Belt & Buckle, all can be purchased from the Local Scout Shop


Scouts  Thursday evening. 19:30 - 21:15

We are looking into starting a new scout section on thursdays around April 2020

We have  leader James but he will need help and also need to  replace the hole he will be leaving in cubs 


To join this section please folow the link Join



Our Scout Troop has taken part in the following activities

  • Sub Aqua
  • Expedition Hiking
  • Shooting (Master at Arms)
  • Swimming Gala
  • ScoutAbout
  • Camps
  • Pioneering
  • Water sports
  • Archary
  • Climbing
  • white water rafting


Scouts may wear a teal green shirt or blouse, navy blue activity trousers or skirt, a group scarf with a woggle, and a Scout belt.

scout uniform